Review 2023


WEEK 2023

Once again, Milano Design Week opened its doors to the public. Our team did not miss the opportunity to visit the world famous Fuorisalone.
Still impressed by the new inspirations and trends, we have summarised our highlights and impressions in an Inspiration Review.
Let our retail experts inspire you and immerse yourself in the world of Milan Design Week.




Grohe inspires with a multi-sensory experience in a world of experiences at the Pinacoteca di Brera. Each is dedicated to a theme that reflects the company’s innovative and elegant bathroom design: 3D metal-printed faucets, the Atrio and Allure Brilliant private collections, the modern colour finishes and a multi-sensory shower experience.


Dimorestudio celebrates its twentieth anniversary under the title “No Sense” and presents a return to the origins of the Dimore universe. The contrast between the exhibition space, located in a historical apartment, with the modern, colorful mirror installations and contrasting furniture offers visitors a glimpse into the realities of Dimore.


Fenix’s has created an open-air cinema characterised by a platform that invites visitors to observe and participate in what is happening inside. The stages are made of materials in different colour combinations, creating a space for cultural stimulation. The environment combines the main elements of Milan: retail, art and entertainment.


Henrytimi invites visitors on a voyage of discovery through the history of Italian design. The exhibits are refined with regional raw materials and presented with formal rigour. The monochromatic works are artefacts of Italian art that attract attention in an otherwise simple space.


With its exhibition at La Pelota, Hermès has left everything superfluous behind and reduced its presentation to iron bars and concrete, allowing the Hermès creations to stand out in a natural way. The interplay of lines and grids gives the space a strong structure and expresses the essence of the design.


Saint Luis invites to experience a dialogue between crystal, sound and light. The installation presents the Saint Luis crystal factory, founded in 1586, in an innovative way. Each of the 15 lighting collections evokes the craftsman’s passion for exclusive design. This is particularly evident in the portable lights suspended from the ceiling, which are reminiscent of floating fireflies.

Solid Nature

The Solid natural stone brand takes visitors into an immersive dreamscape that combines the creation of natural stone with the process of dreaming. The idea is to create an awareness that creating stone can be as time-consuming and exhausting as realising dreams. The aim is to inspire visitors to dream and to push their own boundaries.



With its multi-layered installation, Missoni addresses our feelings that we are reluctant to externalise. Under the motto Living Inside-Out, Missoni inspires with a staging more reminiscent of dream images than the real world. Colourful shapes and creatures float and stand in a space centred on doughnut-shaped poufs, a metaphor for our disordered emotional world, yet meant to alleviate our worries.


De Marchi Verona

Marchi’s porcelain works combine experimentation, craftsmanship and high technology to create exclusive collections made in Italy. Picturesque decorations, geometric shapes and totemic elements support the installation. The mix of different styles and references by art director Giacomo Totti, with a variety of colours and textures, transforms the Marchi space into a dreamy atmosphere.


Designbureau celebrates its 10th anniversary with a unique design installation that captures the natural light of a historic building. The focus is on metal furniture that diffuses light into the space. In addition, light installations on the ceiling add visual impact to the exhibition.

Les Eaux Primoridales DWA

An immersive installation offers visitors a sensory experience. The fragrances of the Les Eaux perfume brand, bottled in glass flacons, are presented in two four-metre-high frames made of wooden struts. The structure is reminiscent of old factory chimneys in the industrial architecture of northern France.

Mario Tsai

Mario Tsai is renowned for his research into structure and modulation. “Light from Architecture” offers innovative functional properties by making the light sources part of the product structure. The resulting soft light creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room.


A mirrored cabinet, brought to life by visitors, provides a space for self-reflection and listening. To communicate with the visitors’ inner feelings, the designers created surprising aesthetic effects.

Stone Archive by Studio davidpompa

Mexican design studio davidpompa enriches the Alcova neighbourhood with an installation that combines ancient stone with modern aluminium. The centrepiece is the Ambra Tomba lighting range, made from natural materials such as minerals, volcanic rock and even glass. The installation is framed by floor-to-ceiling shelving in the same brick red as the tiled floor.


Interni Design

The Interni Design Re-evolution brings together several installations related to a greener urban quality of life. To support this project, a modular scaffolding has been erected at the University of Milan and planted with seedlings. Along with several other impressive installations that transform the campus into a single work of art.


Elle Decor

Elle Décor focuses on the “art of light” in all its functions. Light tells stories, illuminates our homes, enhances our interiors and influences our moods. The exhibition is divided into several key concepts, whose installations highlight the interplay between light and interior design and engage visitors on an emotional level.


MOOOI’s design expertise combined with EveryHuman’s technological approach has created a brand space that appeals to all the senses of visitors. EveryHuman creates personalised perfumes using AI that asks customers personal questions about their daily lives and personal history.


new horizons

New Horizons represents the unknown, a world still to be explored and made tangible for us humans. Occhio, always in search of innovation and the new, has created a light installation at Villa Necchi Campiglio that offers the viewer a multi-sensory experience and embodies a new culture of light.

Louis Vuitton

The courtyard of Palazzo Serbelloni is transformed into a customer activation. Louis Vuitton unveils its new Nomad Pavilion. The elaborate artwork was inspired by coral and transferred to aluminium sheets. The huge structure is reminiscent of a living organism. From a distance, it looks like a collection of bubbles; from the inside, it reveals its fluid form.



IKEA celebrates 80 years in the furniture market at Fuoresaloni. A completely redesigned area has been created to arouse visitors’ curiosity and draw them into the showroom, which takes them on a journey through the last 80 years of IKEA. Inside, visitors can see products from past decades as well as a glimpse of the furniture giant’s future.

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